Kia ora.
I am a psychotherapist practising in Auckland, New Zealand. I work with adolescents, adults, and groups.

I can offer you a robust, safe, and dynamic space that facilitates exploration, and initiates change. I am able to work with you to identify, understand, and transform thoughts and behaviours that may be limiting your ability to engage fully with life. I will do this primarily by being curious about the fantasies, dreams, feelings, images, and sensations in your mind and body. Together we can then think about how your internal experience interacts with your external world of relationships, work, and play.

You can contact me by email below, or call me directly on 027 3053511.


I use the image of the path because I believe it is a suitable metaphor for the experience of psychotherapy. I imagine we are standing together looking at this scene. Perhaps the path looks ominous, there is darkness around the edges, and it is unclear what may reside within the trees. While there is a circle of light ahead, it is a mystery as to who, or what may be around the corner.
How long may this journey take? It depends on where you would like to go. We may take a brisk walk together. Or perhaps we may end up going much further.

While I am clinically trained to help people with a range of emotional issues, I have a particular interest in the following areas.

  • Social anxiety, and its links with personality style, and the social, cultural, and political environments that we inhabit.
  • Anger, and finding healthy ways to express it. I have a passion for helping men to maintain a potent masculinity, while also developing safe and loving relationships.
  • Creativity and its incorporation into everyday life.
  • Sexuality, including issues related to pornography.  Through my clinical experience at the New Zealand Aids Foundation I am also interested in supporting people who are exploring their sexual identity.
  • Virtual environments,  video gaming, and the ways in which we represent ourselves through digital technology.

I have completed my clinical training component in the Masters of Psychotherapy programme at AUT University. I am currently finishing my dissertation.
Graduate Diploma Health Science, Psychotherapy Pathway. AUT University.
Masters of Fine Arts. Auckland University, Elam School of Fine Arts.
Bachelor of Fine Arts. Auckland University, Elam School of Fine Arts.

I am registered with PBANZ.





I practise in Birkenhead and Herne Bay.